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All Park Access is a website for theme park enthusiasts, created by theme park enthusiasts. We report the most up-to-date and accurate theme park news as it occurs. We are a team of friends that love to go to theme parks together, but we wanted to turn our passion into more than just a hobby.



Hello folks! My name is Alex Bernal. I would like to welcome everybody to our new website. As a kid I always went to theme parks in California and I have visited Orlando about five times now. This love for theme parks had me thinking of doing videos based around my hobbies. So I decided to start three channels on Youtube which are: HHNfanboy, thecoastercouple and our newest channel thenerdyvlogs. All of these videos are based around theme parks, anything from Halloween Horror Night updates to on ride videos and even doing vlogs at themeparks. All these videos have been leading up to starting this website where fans can get the most up to date news about theme parks. I’m also very happy to add Mary, Adam, and Corey to our team of writers and I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I have known these guys for about two years and their love for theme parks is what brought me to adding them to our team. Last but not least I could not do any of these without Jessica who has helped me with this website and supported me with all my crazy ideas. As the website grows we will be adding more things but until then make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


The name is Marr, Corey Marr. I was born and raised in the great state of California and honestly don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I currently live in San Diego but plan to move back to Los Angeles in the coming months. In So-Cal you are pretty much surrounded by some of the country’s finest parks, so when deciding where to go, my options are pretty great, including when the time comes for the epic Halloween events during September-October. In addition to loving everything theme park related, I’m also a lover of film. I hope to someday have a full-fledged career behind or in front of the camera, depending on what direction life takes me. You can check out my YouTube channel CoreyAMarr where I will soon begin reviewing music, film, video games, books, etc. on a normal basis. I’m extremely thankful to be apart of this incredible site with some of my most excellent friends. I hope you all take a liking for what I have to offer!


Greetings….and salutations, my name is Mary Imagination. I am a Californian and when I was growing up I would visit Disneyland and all of the theme parks in Southern California. Whenever I visit these magical places I become a child again. Writing is the tool of choice to convey my thoughts about topics that I love and I am passionate about. Two things that are close to my heart are Halloween and Horror. 2010 was my first year attending Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. From then on I became hooked on Haunts. That same year I encountered Haunt Gatherings for HHN and Knott’s Haunt; where I met some of the people who would become my partners in crime. In 2012, I became a monster for Sinister Pointe Haunted Attractions in Brea, CA.  This year, Adam Atrophy and I created The Fright Zone to talk about anything and everything Horror. On January 22, 2013, Sleepwalker, the first short horror film I wrote and directed, was released on Youtube. All Park Access is an exciting new endeavor with my friends; Adam, Jessica, Alex, and Corey.  Hope you enjoy all of the theme park madness and fun.