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Disneyland Review

Halloween Time at Dinseyland on Friday the 13

Alex Bernal

Disney kicked off the Halloween season early this year on Friday the 13th. Disneyland decided to celebrate Halloween early before any of the other major theme parks like Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights or Knott’s Scary farm. Just like when summer approached us this year Disney decided to celebrate with 24 hour Disney during the summer. This time for the fall season Disney had villain parties all over the park of Disneyland located near the train stations that take you around the park. At the train stations you encounter your favorite Disney villains and even dance with them to the Monster Mash. We wanted to enter the dance floor but soon realized the line for the dance floor was longer than most rides there. Not only were the villains having a good time but the Disneyland park was very well decorated with pumpkin décor all over the park. Ghost galaxy is back with same effects as when it first showed up and is still a favorite with Disney fans, getting more than one-hour wait times. Jack Skellington returns to the Haunted Mansion with amazing décor and this year he has new tricks up his sleeve that I wont spoil but I will say its well worth checking out as soon as you can.

Now our favorite thing about Halloween coming to Disney is the very special Halloween themed Mad T Party. Not only did the stage get Halloween themed with spider webs on the stage, dark red eyes in the trees watching you, but the band also got new songs! The band starts off like a normal night with the usual songs but at the end of every set they decided to play “This is Halloween”. When the band comes back from the second set list they come back just a bit paler and look a bit sick. Then they play “This is Halloween” again and in the third set you see dark makeup on their faces and almost look like zombies.

They do the song for one last time and it even feels like a beetle juice reference for them to play it three times. On the final set the lights on the stage get darker and band appears with spider webs on them and start off the set with “Enter Sandman”.

The crowd was going absolutely insane with the new songs and cheering so loud the band could hardly speak. It was truly one of the most amazing nights at the Mad T Party we have ever experienced. With songs like the “Time Warp” it does get you in the Halloween spirit. We wont spoil any more, but its definitely worth checking out if you get to see the Mad T Party band this fall!