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The New Soarin?


The New Soarin?

Corey Marr

The New Soarin?


When Soarin’ Over California opened to the public back in 2001, people were in awe of the ride’s breathtaking multi-sensory experience. While the ride itself still holds up to this day, fans of the ride have wanted a new and improved experience.

In 2008, when news about California Adventure’s plans for the future came flooding in, one big rumor floating around was a much needed refurbishment for the beloved Soarin’ Over California.  Sadly, it never happened.

Not long ago, Soarin’ was scheduled for rehab from March – June. The ride was going to get new, updated projectors and possibly, even new ride footage, rumored to start shooting early march. On top of that, there have been talks of the entire Condor Flats area getting a BIG change. As of recent, that rehab has been removed from the list. “Why?” you might ask? Well, if you didn’t know about Disney’s massive flop that is My Magic Plus, the company lost some serious money after years of pushing the new technology that they believed was needed for the future of the parks. Guess what? Disney guests weren’t as ready for it as the company had hoped for. Due to this failure, projects for Anaheim have been put on hold. Including the highly anticipated additions to Tomorrowland.

When will Soarin’ get the tender, love, and care that it deserves?  My guess is as best as yours at this point. All I Know is that once Disney gets their heads on straight financially after the My Magic Plus disaster, we will see our new and improved Soarin’ Over California!