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Clowns Invade The Empty Grave!!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Posted by Mary & Adam

On September 8th 2013 the clowns of Knott’s Scary Farm invaded The Empty Grave Haunted House at the Anaheim Garden Walk. This gathering of Clowns, Monsters, and Haunters were brought together to honor a fallen friend and fellow monster Mark “Sumo” Sagato.


With fog in the air, monsters and clowns terrorize every victim who crosses their path outside of the haunt. Monsters stalk unaware shoppers and people who are out to enjoy the cool September Sunday night. Clowns jump around and laugh at every scream of unsuspecting people who are just passing by.


Once you enter the haunt, you are entrapped in the old cemetery surrounded by monsters and clowns who are running amuck. The twists and turns of The Empty Grave lead you from one terror to another. There is no rest, from the graveyard to the swamps there is a monster lurking everywhere to ensnare you in their grasp.  The Knott’s Clowns ran around the maze seizing every moment they could get you.