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Scare LA 2013



Scare LA, Southern California's FIRST Halloween convention took place this past weekend at the LA Mart in Los Angeles, California. Some of you probably never even heard about Halloween conventions until now because to be honest there really hasn't been any in the SoCal area before. Halloween conventions or Haunters conventions are for people who love haunts, haunting, or just Halloween in general. As a person who is obviosuly obsessed with Halloween and a haunter myself, I was thrilled to attend this event.

Upon entering Scare LA you are greeted by an impressive display by Haunted Hayride which really sets the vibe for the event. Just across from this was Bone Yard FX, one of my favorite FX companies in the buisness. You may recognize the name because they are the talented people who bring the brilliant makeup FX year after year for Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. Not only was Bone Yard demonstrating their amazing work, they were also allowing the actors to roam around while interacting with guests.


Very cool if I do say so myself! Now, they weren't the only vendors at the event. Some great companies such as Immortal Masks, Dapper Cadaver, and Trick or Treat Studios were also there showing what they had to offer.


Along with the amazing vendors were also 26 different seminars and workshops from special FX workshops, to home haunt work shops, to workshops for strengthening your scares. Sadly, I couldn't attend these due to the fact that I just simply had not enough time. Though, from what I heard they were absolutely worth it! But just an FYI, in case you decide to go next year bring some extra cash. a few of the hands on classess require a charge for materials.

What kind of Halloween convention would be complete without it's great independent haunts. Scare LA brought in some of SoCal's best including Sinister Pointe and Haunted Hayride.


Now, onto the main event for all you theme park fanatics! The Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood panel!


This was probably the main event for most people attending Scare LA on Saturday. The room filled up so quickly I barely got a seat. Before HHN announced their ALL NEW maze, John Murdy (creative director) and Chris Williams (art director) climbed up on stage introducing themselves as the crowd went wild. To be honest my inner fanboy wantes to cheer with everyone else, but I held it back remaining as professional as possible. Shortly after John and Chris directed our attention to the projectors. It was there we found out that Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood was bringing Insidious to it's event for the very first time! Right after the big news broke out came Jason Blum of Blumhouse Pictures to talk a little more about the wonderful news. They continued to talk for about another 15 minutes or so. I'll have a link down bellow where you can check it out.From our frieands at Haunt Horror.

Well, that about wraps it up for my trip to Scare LA. I bet a lot of you are wondering if the ticket price is worth admission. My answer is yes! If you love Halloween like us at All Park Access then you would absolutely adore this event. I really hope they return next year letting us celebrate Halloween a little earlier once again!