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Knott's Summer Rides! 2013



As the days draw out longer and the summer sunsets late into the evening, changes happen. Knott’s Berry Farm has been growing and changing with great additions to America’s 1st theme park. First off the log ride has been given new life, Garner Holt Productions has given this classic ride new inhabitants. Amazing animatronics that are very realistic and fluid movement like the audio animatronics of Disneyland and other animatronic featured parks. The finale of this ride goes out with a “Bang” and it does not disappoint with quirky and funny characters … yes; also cute, mischievous animals dwelling in The Log Ride. This classic ride is a must see for all visitors young and old.

The Boardwalk has also been renovated; they have replaced what used to be Perilous Plunge with three family friendly rides which everyone can have fun in the sun. The three new rides are Pacific Scrambler, Surfside Gliders, and Coast Rider. All three rides are not at the caliber of thrills like Xcelerator or Silver Bullet but are fun additions to the park.


Now featuring at the Charles M. Schulz Theatre is a new ice show called Snoopy Unleashed. When the midafternoon comes along and the sun is beating down over southern California with unbearable heat… escape to nice air conditioning of Snoopy Unleashed. Like my good friend Jessica Stewart says with a joyful tone, “Snoopy cup…. Snoopy time!” This fun show filled is about Snoopy escaping from Charlie Brown and going wild throughout California causing mischief. The ice skaters are very talented and the music varied with many genres…. Snoopy becomes a DJ at one point rocking out! Snoopy Unleashed is a very enjoyable show that everyone should experience.


As the sun goes down and the many lights turn on, the night comes to life at Knott’s Berry Farm wishing the guests goodnight. The months of summer go by so fast; soon fog will arise from the streets of Ghost Town. As October comes along, the true form of the citizens of Calico are Reveled… her vengeance is not over.